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September 2011:

Greenmap EU-Projekt Doku-Film fertig!
Nach 2.5 Jahren EU-Projekt ist dieses im Abschluss und mit Bjelas Dokumentation zum Projekt gekrönt worden. Hier auf youtube zu sehen.

August 2010:

Thoughts on Berlin © 4bshive Blog
While completing her evaluation of the visit Mil Lusk from Bristol was interviewed by Bjella Prossowsky from Berlin

Untitled from Bjela Proßowsky on Vimeo.

„Berlin bee, Fly with me“ © 4bshive Blog
„Berlin bee, Fly with me’ was recorded in the ambient Sound workshop held at Tempelhof disused airport by Mirella and Alexandra (Bistrita) and Ivor (Bristol). The track was facilitated and produced by Alex of Frequency Surreal.“

28. Oktober 2009:

Wieder zurück aus Knowle West & dem KWMC!
Bilder hier

Und hier eine schöne Zusammenfassung, aus Bristol:

Green Mapping; Euro friends

After 4 days of action packed mapping fun, we said good bye to our 20 European visitors. Local people shared ideas and exchanged information with the visitors from Germany, Romania and Hungary about our area. … Weiterlesen

Knowle West Greenmap


Many of the 4BsHives at the KWMC 2009


7. September 2009:
Pressemitteilung / press handout
Green Mapping Projekt

Am Mittwoch den 03.09.2009 trafen sich, in der Siebdruckwerkstatt in der Pflügerstrasse, die Organisatoren eines EU Erwachsenbildungs-Projektes in Sachen Green Mapping your urban neighborhood „The 4BsHive“. Die 4 Partnerstädte Bristol (Uk), Bistrita (Ru), Budapest (Hu) und Berlin (Ger) planen in den nächsten 18 Monaten einander mit interessierten Erwachsenen zu besuchen, um jeweils relevante Stadtteilbezogene Projekte und Initiativen vorzustellen und die so gewonnen Informationen auf einer weltweiten zugänglichen Web Site zu verorten
Weitere Informationen zum Projekt und zu einer möglichen Mitarbeit unter Kontakt


4BsHive – collaboration in green mapping across Europe

The ‘4BeesHive’ is a transnational project between four river cities: Bristol (UK), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary) and Bistrita (Romania). The project will set in motion a collaborative, green map-making process within and between these four European partners. This will involve the creation of online and/or paper maps charting local resources for more sustainable living. These maps will use the internationally standardized Green Map System (GMS) of icons.

Local adult learners will be recruited from disadvantaged and under-represented social groups including older people and those without basic qualifications. Participants will have the opportunity to gain new ICT skills and learn more about sustainability issues locally and internationally. They will be able to exchange experiences and learn about other European communities. This will be achieved through a participatory process that is creative, enjoyable and enhances confidence. The process may include for example; storytelling, photography and film-making through group and public events.

A shared online space will form the hub of the project to facilitate the exchange of learning and experience. The project will be promoted internationally through the Green Map System. The online format and documentation will be disseminated in an easily accessible and replicable digital form. (199 words)

Green Bristol intends to collaborate with Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) as its local partner in this project. KWMC is located in a disadvantaged area of South Bristol. Its Mission Statement is “To act as a creative focal point for the community, providing access to project facilities, training and mentoring”. KWMC is currently running the Carbon Makeover Programme, which includes a green mapping element. The proposed 4BsHive project integrates well with ongoing activity at KWMC.

Through this project Tudatos Vasarlok Egyesulete and its learners will have a chance to explore new patterns, models and approaches to sustainable consumption as practised in other European towns and cities especially in regards to the role of green mapping. The experiences gained during the study visits will provide an ‘out-of-the box’ perspective: new solutions will be realized, while the already existing practices will be approached critically. TVE aims to use the possibility of visiting other European towns and their green mapping communities for conducting comparative analysis of the regulatory environments in some priority areas on which the organization is actively working (e.g., the marketing situation for local food, the legal context of car sharing). The results of these studies will be integrated into the curriculum of TVE, and will be disseminated via the activities of the association (education, advocacy, publications, etc.).

We at Asociatia Ascendent (Ascendent Association) believe that a direct relationship exists between learners’ active involvement, participation and integration as well as persistence in the partnership environment. Personal contact with learners from the other organisations during the visits is important to successful development of the partnership. The study visits for many are the only events when involvement may take place. Enhanced group experiences positively influence learners’ persistence in the project. Establishing and maintaining motivation in the project is the critical step for our staff who wish to promote successful learning. Cooperative learning through activities such as green mapping in the city, field trip evaluations or feedbacks will stimulate the learners and we will provide encouragement along with guidance and demonstration. Further specialized orientation workshops and seminars will help the learners, staff or volunteers of our association become more familiar with different social, ecocultural and economic aspects of the cities of the other partner organizations.

Querspur Verein, in cooperation with Greenmap Berlin, will assist the learners with technical and practical guidance so that they are able to gain knowledge and express this effectively. The form of this expression will vary from the use of video mapping techniques to an introduction into GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and modern internet mapping techniques. These skills will be provided by the professional assistance of Bjela Prossowsky (professional filmmaker) and Peter van de Loo (Geographer and GIS Professional).

1. To reshape European identity for the 21st century in a more sustainable manner.
2. ‘Cross pollination’ between Partners in order to exchange experiences; motivate adult learners to take part in green mapping.
3. Participants will learn new skills e.g. GIS/green mapping and enhance their European awareness.
4. To provide pathways for improving knowledge and competences on/in local development issues, citizenship (environmental and social awareness, responsibility).
5. To promote “green” tourism for each Partner city.
6. To promote sustainable lifestyles.
7. To provide experiential learning opportunities for adult learners from vulnerable/disadvantaged social groups

Problems to be addressed:
- Controversial urban development patterns
- The accessibility of appropriate information supporting sustainable lifestyle choices
- The lack of marketing possibilities for community initiatives and local sustainable solutions
- Low level of ICT literacy (especially in CEE countries)
- Isolated communities and the lack of a broad perspective over opportunities
- Decline/lack of participation and citizenship (especially in CEE countries)

The project will use informal teaching methods, and engage adult learners in an active learning process. Participants will be recruited regarding their interest
in the common project and are guided to meet their own objective within the project under consideration of their skills and needs. An additional benefit for the participants is the fact that they are gaining solid professional knowledge in Green Mapping techniques and professional communication.

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News August/08.09
Das Treffen der The 4BsHive Project Projekt-Leiter findet vom 02. - 06.09.2009 hier in Berlin statt.

News 02/09 - 08/09
NEW Version! Film-Dokumentation des 4Bs-Treffen in Bistrita/Rumänien im Januar. Look a video of the Grundtvig Preparatory Visit to Bistrita in the Transylvania region of Romania, January 2009 by klicking the picture above! 02/09. Neuer Cut 08/09 Film by Bjela Proßowsky! /

Lese mehr über das Projekt / read more info about the 4BsHive @

News Dezember/12.08
15.– 20. Januar: Europäisches Treffen in Romania mit Greenmap Budapest, Bistrita, Bristol und greenmap berlin. Look at Green Bristol Blog!



The 4BsHiveBlog

The 4BsHive in Bistrita under a Grundtvig Preparatory Visit
Information @ Green Map Org.

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„Harta Verde România“ - Romanian Website, Bistrita, Ciprian Samoila - Hungarian Website, Budapest, Gergo Horvath
Read more about @ Green Map Org & look @ Greenmap Budapest A excellent realization!

greenmap-Berlin - German Website, Berlin, Pit v. d. Loo


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