open greenmap berlin website technical info is online since 2009 in a long-lasting "beta version", resting upon "recycled" html- and css-code, originally taken from a pretty and tiny cms-/blog-system named „Flatpress“.

This system itself is running without requiring any database, using only simple textfiles to store all the content. the main-page as well as the blog do work great on this system.

additionally we use some various nice done javascript features to support a catchy and user-friendly presentation of the complexly content, we hope :-)

furthermore it's using iframes to display the originally data supplied by

but unfortunately on open.greenmap-berlin we still have to enter all current data manually into the html based files, cause there isnt any database feeded content producible, based on the limitation of a MySQL missing webspace configuration. as would be desirable we hope to leave this incommodious factor behind us in the future. but for that we finally do need some complemetary help by programmers too, any offers for voluntary assistance are warmly welcome!

Nevertheless we continuously work on an improved presentation of the contents as well as other features!

Wir freuen uns über euer Feedback zur open greenmap berlin!

Gibt’s Kritik oder Wünsche zur Funktionalität? Gerne beantworten wir allgemeine oder spezielle Fragen wie z.B.: wie funktioniert das Eintragen neuer Orte, Einbinden von Bildern, Audiodateien etc. Wir supporten ebenso gerne andere neue Green Maper …!

Angebote in Sachen Programmierung zur technischen Weiterentwicklung dieser Website sind auch herzlich willkommen - schreibt uns!
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